Thursday, 1 May 2008


Thats what me and BSIL were doing earlier.Alfie heard his 'bestest' aunty downstairs in the front room and decided he wasn't tired,in the end he came downstairs and had us laughing out loud by being a little bugger and telling us jokes that didn't make any sense at all :-D

Psst, Jak he finally went to bed at 10.45pm after he had to have a cup of tea!!!

Emily Merritt - bubble wrap stamp recoloured
Emily Powers - itty bitty epoxy alpha
Miss Mint - classic date stamp
F Jardine - felt heart
Jenna Derais - doodled frame and mask
Madame Mim - bird & kraft pp
S Clingerman - stitched alpha & bracket stamp
A Barton - background pp
Merkely - girl stamp

I think I will have to sell my 'proper' stash as yet again I've become addicted to this digi scrappin' marlarky :-D, love looking at online galleries for inspiration and all the different elements people have used on their layouts and then going hunting for them.


Taniwha said...

*Rachel takes place in line to nab 'proper stash'* Cause man, you like the same stuff as me, I bet I could take it all off your hands :D

Terrie Farrell said...

Just stopped by to have a beakers after doing your CC class and just wanted to say i love your work and your blog is fab! Anyone with Frank Gallagher on their blog is the dogs......X

Jackie said...

Move outa the way Rachel, I get first dibs being BSIL so there **blows raspberry** LOL

BSIL, Im still laughing over Alfies jokes and 'finders, losers'. Just remember whos 'the boss' ok pmsl