Saturday, 31 May 2008


A layout I did last night.....

Charlie Dimmock move over LOL!!
Honestly shes grown that herself,she started it at school and brought it home when it was half that size,though how its still alive I don't know as everyday shes poking it and inspecting it for beans.

Weather here is lovely and just been informed by the kids that they want a picnic in the garden,better get my ass into gear and go up the shop then (oh the joys of the supermarket on a Saturday)


Nat said...

Bless her! Love that green paper, I loves green I do :) xxx

Beautifullily said...

Have been having a lovely look around your blog and your LOs are so inspiring, I love your style, simple and freash

Karen said...

Awww, green fingers indeed! Danielle planted some beans at school a few mths back now & they're absolutely ginormous - they've goen to live round nanny's in a growbag, because Max would eat them lol.

Lovin' the barcode tape very muchly.