Wednesday, 4 June 2008


my bag.I thought it would take ages but once I started, it came together pretty quick :-D.
I didn't even have to unpick it which is a miracle for me as I thought I would cock it up somewhere along the way

Please excuse the wet wipe on the chair in the last pic,Islas been playing under the table pulling wipes out of the pack and I wonder why I go through loads a week!!!

Off looking on the net now for some Amy Butler Belle material for my next bag, can you tell I've caught the sewing bug :-D

Did anyone check out the Bad Girls workshop over the weekend? I did and the only thing that caught my eye was a minibook made out of loo rolls.I put it together and binded it but I haven't finished it,I'm undecided about what to do it about, so will leave it until I can think of something :-D


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Anonymous said...

Gorgeous bag! Love the material you used. Jackie(Citrine):-)