Friday, 6 June 2008


Received my WIP kit this morning and it was filled with new MM Noteworthy stash including this..

Though what I'm going to do with it I don't know as its 8x8.

While the kids were playing outside I scrapped a 6x12 layout,don't scrap in this size very often but my album is looking a bit empty and the paper I used would of looked daft cut down to 8.5x11...


Haven't got alot planned for the weekend apart from going shopping with Lana to get her some new clothes,shes had a growth spurt and needs a new wardrobe and she'll be able to spend her money she got from the tooth fairy,another tooth came out today at school,so glad I wasn't there when it fell out,it was bad enough last night when she was showing me it,I had to cover my eyes as it makes me gag,she thought it was hilarious and was wobbling it even more in front of me LOL



Nat said...

Ooh the MM stuff looks good. And your bag is amazing! love it :)

Have a fab weekend xx

Annie said...

You wuss, fancy being a scaredy cat over a baby tooth LOL

Mrs O said...

oooh love the look of that MM 8x8 Noteworthy album, I must get one.

Next time I see you, i'll wiggle one of mine for ya, LOL x