Wednesday, 16 July 2008

All Quiet On The Western Front!!

The kids are much better, I did think Alfie was going to be up last night being poorly as he took himself off to bed at 4.30pm, he didn't even have any tea!!!

Anyway he slept through and is back to his normal self today, might have something to do with the fact thay all my kids get up at silly o'clock and I mean silly o'clock and sleep deprivation is catching up with him!

Or maybe it was because nursery were having a beach party this morning and he was really looking forward to it. I did have to go and get him some new swimming trunks yesterday because unfit mummy here has been making him wear his old trunks,didn't realise until I checked them that they were 18-24 months and hes 4 and a BIG 4 at that LOL.

Haven't really being doing much these last few days,did manage to redo my crochet hat....

Lana modelling it and then she decided to have it for herself even if it is slightly too big.

In the middle of making a bag at the moment,then I've got to make 3 little bags big enough to hold a colouring book and crayons and whatever else the kids can squeeze in them to take camping :-D

Brought Isla another pair of Crocs so just waiting for those to turn up....

Hopefully they'll grow on me because I'm not too sure about them at the mo.

2 more days and then the kids break up for the holidays, roll on! Just need to think of things we can do,hopefully the weather will be good so we can go to the refurbished Lido in Droitwich :-)

Right need to dash,got to rescue Lana, shes got herself stuck on the trampoline *wacko*



LadyBug said...

Fabulous Hat I love it!!!!!!!

Gems said...

That hat is awesome, there seems to be no end to your talents! Not fair! Hehe xxx

daydreamer said...

fabby hat! well done,& your DD models it perfectly!!
glad your 'little munchkins' are better now :)

Gems said...

I've done my award now :o) Thanks!! xxx