Thursday, 10 July 2008

We Have Poorly

children here :-(

Lana came home from school yesterday saying she had a headache,she took herself off to bed at teatime and then was up again at 7 throwing up :-(
Islas sleeping on the sofa (very unusual) so she will probably start being sick later.
Alfies ok at the moment :-)

Crochet .... I can now read the patterns, oooh get me LOL.
I have done the hat but need to redo it as the visor bit doesn't sit properly :-( and I've made a couple of dishcloths.Dishcloths I here you say,sad I know but I read that they are fantastic for washing up and believe me they are, will post pics when I've taken some.

If any of you who read this crochet,take a look at this site, lots of FREE (man I love that word)gorgeous patterns.

Scrap schemes inspiration #2 is up.I didn't manage to get it done as my hand which I burnt stopped me from doing it :-(

While I was blog hopping the other night I clicked on This Is Me Journal and saw that they've starting doing the prompts again,which makes me very happy indeed, so I might even scrap this week :-D

Right enough of me rambling


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sally said...

The only crochet I can do is a line so I am well impressed!

You have also been tagged for a UU pthththth'.