Saturday, 5 July 2008

Been Awarded This

from Lady Bug

Thank You!!!!!

So now I have to pass it on, so I'm gonna award.....


and to anyone else who reads this :-D

So what have I been up to..... well I went shopping this morning with hubby and brought our new tent, a monster of a thing I can tell ya!!
We're off camping with BSIL in August, that'll be a laugh,just picturing it now, me and hubby arguing over how to make up the tent while the kids are running wild and all this is happening while its pee'ing down with rain!!

I've also brought some crochet patterns from Etsy :-D,

though when I'll be confident enough to do them I don't know,didn't know crochet could be so frustrating AAAAARGH! Seriously, its the only craft that makes me want to chuck the whole bloody thing out of the window. Hubby reckons its because I'm trying too hard,what does he know PMSL.
I've mastered the stitches but for the life of me I can't make head nor tail of the pattern instructions, think I'll be making these up as I go along LOL.

The kids are off to a party tomorrow so I'm having a lovely quiet afternoon by myself. I may even attempt the hat,it says its for beginners and will take about 2 hours to complete,more like 2 weeks if your name's Sarah LOL.

Have a lovely weekend



Beautifullily said...

Love the little handbag - super cute! I'm camping im August too, so it will definitely rain - it always does when I camp

Nat said...

Ooh I can just see that hat with some lush buttons on the side! Keep at it girlie, you can do it (even if it means you poke hubby with the crochet hooks in the process!)xxx

daydreamer said...

Ahh thanks for the award hun!
& look forward to seeing your crochet creations, :)

Gems said...

Ooh how'd I miss this? Thanks for the award :o) Shall update me blog later with it xxx