Wednesday, 13 August 2008

What a Complete Washout

our camping weekend was!!

The sun was shining when we arrived but very windy,anyway we put up the tent only to find out it wasn't big enough to stand up in GRRRR which pee'd Keith off no end. Got everything sorted,it was looking quite homely :-D and then what happened....


We all bundled in the car and went out for the day to Clarkes Retail Park (shopping centre where all the high street shops are with 60% off).
Lana had her ears pierced,I was expecting her to cry as soon as it was done but she didn't,she didn't even flinch,just carried on smiling.
Because the tent was pee'ing Keith off we brought another one while we were shopping,this time we made sure you could stand up in it :-D.
When we got back to the campsite the rain had eased off so we ragged everything out of the old tent,finding out the airbed and sleeping stuff I was using was soaking wet :-( and quickly put up the new tent,we had got everything back into the tent and then the heavens opened. I was making the new tent all homely LOL (opening all the shutters for the windows) and then my BIL pointed out the end of the tent,I had a look and I kid you not the back of the tent was in about 1.5 inches of water,I didn't know whether to laugh or cry at this point. I showed the puddle to Keith and he said words I simply can't put on here LOL, with that he went and got a refund and we packed up and what happened when we had finally got the last bag in the car.... the sun started shining but it didn't last long.

We drove through Weston Super Mare as I'm a nosy cow and had to have a look at the burnt out pier,I said to Keith 'cor even though its burnt out,its kept its shape' he replied 'you dozy mare,thats the old pier you're looking at' PMSL so I made him drive around again LOL.

Think I took about 5 photos, I think smacking myself in the mouth with my camera put me off taking anymore, believe me getting smacked in the mouth with a Nikon D40X bloody hurts!!!

So thats how the weekend went, we must be gluttons for punishment because first thing Sunday we were on the phone to the campsite booking pitches for in a couple of weeks time LOL and if thats a washout too I always have my holiday in Brittany to look forward too, naughty me went on the internet looking for camping holidays abroad,we chickened out and booked a deluxe caravan in Pointe St.Gilles next July :-D

So what else I have been up to?
I finished a crochet bag but before I could take pictures my BSIL came round and saw it and asked me to make her one,she brought the wool round but as I love her loads I gave her the one I had already made,hopefully she will take pics of it and put it on her blog.

Made this for Isla,I made it using an aubergine colour wool and if I do say so myself it looks bloody gorgeous, tempted to resize it and make one for me...

Then I brought this book after seeing some lovely ripple throws on Flickr...

At the moment I'm making the soft waves throw,but its gonna be a work in progress as its flippin' massive, making it for my bed.
In between that I'm just finishing off the 2nd side of a bag I'm making for storing my crochet projects in.

And thats it folks,no scrappin' done at all for weeks.


kelly said...

OMG!!! i really need to lean to knit!! its so gorgeous is it easy to pick up or not?

LadyBug said...

I agree with you that little jacket is stunning. you are so clever. I wish i could knit!!