Monday, 29 September 2008

Anyone Else Make the Same Mistake

as me when you first started scrapping.......

Using original copies of pictures that you wanted to scrap????
Today I've been trying to find some pictures of me and Keith when we were younger to scan into the lappy and print out for a little something I'm making, where did I finally find them...... stuck down with strong double sided tape in my first album!!!!

Did manage to find this one of me slightly pissed in the pub laughing my head off over something really stupid way back in '96

So what else have I been up to, well we went to a wedding on Saturday and must say it was really lovely, the bride wore a lovely lilac wedding dress and it got me and Keith thinking about renewing our vows next September on our 10th anniversary, so will have to look into that plus it gives me a great excuse to buy a dress I actually like this time! Couldn't stand the first one,not me at all!!

Gutted today, I went on 2peas for the first time in months and what did I see.. a message from Lisa M Pace (Maya Road DT co-ordinator) asking if they could put my GROW book on the DT blog dated 17th June, I replied and will have to see if they still want to use it but its probably too late now =(

Isla was playing with my camera today and took some crackin' photos of her new pink Kicker boots so will have to print them out and scrap 'em

I also had words with Alfies teacher today about Fridays Fiasco, they had let him out when the bell went at home time without me being there, when I finally came round the corner after collecting Lana because she comes out first, what did I see, only Alfie and his friend running off towards the car park in the opposite direction !!
Do you know what she said when I said that that was unacceptable and hes meant to be safe while at school..... UMMMMMM. WTF!!!
Keiths fuming and off to see the head teacher when he comes back on Wednesday.

I also got to find out who my swap partner is over on Ravelry today,I signed up for a rub a dub dub swap. You have to crochet/knit a bath item and put some other goodies in the parcel, it will be like Christmas when I get it through the post the beginning of November =)ooh can't wait.

I'll be back with photos of the 'little something' in a couple of days =)



Gems said...

Hehe that photo is great! :o)

Can't believe Alfie's teacher pfft no wonder you were mad!


daydreamer said...

Hi, cool photo! i can't believe where the time has gone! 12 years ago!! god i was only 22!(*sigh*)
I'd be very angry too if that happened at school, like you say 'they are meant to be safe at school'
Good luck with the 'Grow' book, i thought it was fab,
Rach x