Wednesday, 1 October 2008

While I Waited

for the vicar to phone back regarding renewing our vows (yes we're going to do it =))I scrapped!!

The photo sits proudly on mums side in her front room, so I pinched it, scanned it and scrapped it. Couldn't be bothered to go searching for my photos of the wedding,don't know what I'm likely to find under the bed,its like the black lagoon under there I'm tellin' ya!!

Yes I did go to church in my dads lorry much to mums horror,she wanted me to have a horse drawn carriage but I point blankly refused.

Right got to do a quick tidy up, the front room looks like a bombs gone off in there, toys everywhere, now I know who makes all the mess!!!!



Gems said...

Aww yay for renewing your wedding vows :o) That will be lovely.

Love the layout and lol at you going to the wedding in your Dad's lorry :o)


daydreamer said...

Fab LO, have just commented on it on UKS! Congrats on renewing your vows, don't forget to scrap the pics, so i can have a nosey!! lol x