Friday, 5 September 2008

Thank God....

the kids are back at school!!

Alfies first day went well,it was so good when I asked him what he had done he said he couldn't remember LOL

Its lovely and quiet in the mornings,the noise and squabbling start again at 12.01,when Alfie walks through the door and it gets worse when Lana gets home!!!!

The last couple of days before school started again we went down to Devon to visit MIL, the weather was lovely and sunny on the way there but the rain started not long after we arrived,Keith reckons its his new pumps,everytime he wears them it does nothing but pisses down!!

My son has a slight obsession with dinosaurs at the moment,he asked a couple of weeks ago if he could go and see some real dinosaurs,I told him they didn't exist anymore but you can see the bones of them in musuems,he ran off shouting 'Isla,Isla do you want to go and see some dinosaurs without skin?'
I was speaking to MIL on the phone before we went to see her and told her about his obsession and she told me there was a zoo and dinosaur park not far from where she lives,so as a surprise we went,his face was a picture when he saw this....

This T-rex and a couple of others are kept in a big pen and every hour they wake up and start roaring and moving.
Even though the day out was a complete wash out (is this rain ever gonna stop!)we all had a great day.I last count of the times the kids went on these motorized dingy things..

Alfie suffering from slight dizziness as Lana kept spinning the thing round and round,I was abit nervous when he asked if he could go on one on his own and I had a very good reason to be,he kept spinning it round and round and it was getting faster and faster,Keith shouted to him to get his foot off the pedal and what did he go and do.... take his hands off the steering wheel LOL, luckily Keith was able to grab the thing and stop it but there were some very strange noises coming from Alfies mouth,when I stopped laughing I asked him if he was ok and he said could he have another go!!

So now I have some new pics to scrap I may actually scrap sometime soon :-D
At the moment I'm busy crocheting items to put in my Etsy shop :-) so hopefully will be updating it at the end of next week,I'll let you know just incase anyone who reads this is interested.

Right I'm off to rescue my once tidy front room.Have a great weekend



Nat said...

Aww glad they are settliong bakc in to school, bet you are too pmsl!!
Love the pic of 'em on the dinghy -lol @ Alfie! xx

Gems said...

Hehe that photo is so funny :o)

Bet Alfie was thrilled to see the dinosaurs.


daydreamer said...

Sounds like the kids have had a good holiday then!!LOL, Enjoy the peace & quiet!!:)

Sally said...

Great piccies. Hope to see you Saturday.