Friday, 10 October 2008

Meet Brian..

Who will soon be as big as this African Land Snail
Need to buy a tank for him,Lana brought him home from school in a baby food jar.

Its Lanas new pet, shes not interested in fish,hamsters or even a rabbit, oh no she wanted one of these! Which is ok by us as they are easy to look after =)

So what else have I been doing..... NOT ALOT!

Have totally gutted my kitchen,its that empty it echoes in there now!

Done some scrappin', got 2 layouts on the table that need finishing and some home decor that I'm going to finish tomorrow, while the kids are painting the massive canvas I'm going to buy tomorrow.Need something for my main wall in the kitchen and thought a lovely painted canvas courtesy of the kids would be kinda cool!!


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