Friday, 24 October 2008

Meet Colin!!

AKA 'Mr Cactus' LOL!!!

Finished him last night and hes the first Amigurumi item I've crocheted.Going to make his wife next :-D

The 'Birthday Girl' was up at 6.30 this morning ripping open her presents and this was her at 7.00 (at least she was dressed)

She wanted to take that DS to school and was most disappointed when I said no.
Just been and brought her birthday cake for her party tomorrow and yes its a High School Musical one *wacko*

Going to pick her up at 3pm,come home, quickly get changed, have some party food and then out the door to go and see HSM3 at 5.30 (must check the time!)

Can't believe that 7 years ago Lana looked like this....

How time flies!!!!

Right gotta go,busy, busy, busy :-D
Have a great weekend,I'm going to,not working this weekend *sings a happy dance*



~Vicki~ said...

aww happy birthday to Lana!!! and i love colin, soo cute!!!

daydreamer said...

Happy 7th Birthday to Lana xx
Sounds like you've got a busy weekend!
Love Colin, can't wait to see Mrs Colin too!! lol
Rach x

Jackie said...

Im loving Colin, when will we see Mrs Colin? LOL