Saturday, 25 October 2008

Pictures and Party

Well High School Musical 3 was OK,of course Lana thought it was 'FABULUS'!!!
I liked the song that Sharpay & Ryan sang called 'I Want It All' and I did have a little lump in my throat near the end (sad I know) LOL.

The excitement for the party started this morning and was still going strong when we left to go at 1.30.
The kids really liked the bowling and the food but think they really enjoyed the disco best especially Alfie who spent the entire time trying to breakdance PMSL. Then came the cake, Lanas face when we told her to make a wish and just before blowing the candle out...

Printed them out already to scrap :-D

The kids were absolutely shattered when we got back home after going out for a little something to eat so they went to bed about 7 and I haven't heard a peep out of them.

We're having a PJ day tomorrow we decided earlier on, also gonna have a little crafty afternoon.

Has anyone ever tried gammon cooked in coke in the slow cooker??? Thats what we've got for dinner tomorrow,hope it tastes ok *inserts slight concerned face* I've heard that the coke gives the gammon a slighty tangy sweet taste.

Right off to park me arse in front of the tv


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daydreamer said...

Sounds like Lana had a fab birthday, love the pics, look forward to seeing the LO's.
Rach x