Tuesday, 4 November 2008

New 'Cloche' Hat

made for Little Miss......

Made using a pattern I concocted this morning.Love that part of crocheting even if you do have to undo the item gawd knows how many times to get it right *rolleyes*
Fancy one for your daughter,niece or even your grand daughter? Leave a little comment or a PM over on UKs and I'll get back to you :-]

Finished the layout with Alfie wearing his sisters pink cozzie last night. That piece of Basic Grey was scrounged off Rachel (Taniwha) or she could actually be my twin sister if I had a twin sister,we share the same thoughts on certain things,love the same stash etc etc,so THANKS Rach and I loves you loads!!!

Here it is...

That kid cracks me up!!!!!

Well my swappee over on Ravelry loved her package of bath time goodies,can't wait to get mine,hopefully it will turn up tomorrow along with an order from Millions.

Islas crochet playfood is coming on slowly,so far I've made a couple of Oreo cookies,got to make some sarnies next :-] and then the cakes.

Gonna start wrapping Christmas presents up later and then they're going down me mums until nearer the day,they went mooching last year and opened a couple of prezzies GRRRRR!

Right Islas bed is calling,tea and biscuits first



Nat said...

You make those hats sound easy love!!

Alfie certainly knows how to rock his isters swimsuit - hilarious! Love the LO.

Looking forward to seeing your crochet food, I've seen some felt ones that I was thinking of having a go at for Ellie. Iiiiiiiif I ever have time that is :D

daydreamer said...

What a cutie pie in that gorgeous hat.
Fab LO, bet Alfie won't be at all embarrassed when he's older!! lol
Rach x

Sally said...

Rosie loves the cloche hat! Let me know if you are going to put those on your site for sale as I can feel a purchase coming on!