Wednesday, 5 November 2008

I *Heart* October Afternoon!!!

Well I received my new order today from Millions and man I swear this manufacture is getting better and better with each new line that comes out!!!
They are fast becoming one of my favourite manufactures :-]

In the parcel was my BSIL's order too (she copies everything I buy don't ya Jak LOL(joke)) and also her prize from the Millions blog OMFG you should of seen her prize...inks and stamps from different manufactures, Jill certainly knows how to do a prize giveaway!! We were drooling all over them and thinking of decorating our bodies by stamping on them,Jak was thinking of other things to do but thats another story PMSL.
So shes one happy bunny and I'm VERY jealous!!! Shes lovely though and said I can borrow them whenever I want,Cheers lovey xxx

So the moral of the story is.... if Jill has a giveaway on her blog,get over and enter the bloody thing cos you too could be a happy bunny!!!

Today I decided to have a go at making one of these....

4 squares down only another 100+ to do *wacko*
Once I finish it do I know what I'm gonna do with I heck as like LOL!!



Nat said...

Gotta say Jill's service really is amazing, the best I've had from any scrap store :) It's my fave shop xxx

Gems said...

Jill is awesome isn't she? :o)

But how gorgeous is the October Afternoon? Mmmmmm yummmy! Mine arrived this morning too xxx

Jackie said...

Echo what Nat and Gems have said, Jill rocks!! I never shop anywhere else online in the US, seriously.

BSIL, you have good taste so why not copy it LOL