Wednesday, 12 November 2008


is slow on my Granny.....

35 squares down only another 73 to go, should finish it this week NOT!!

Had some lovely little packages delivered this week,just waiting for my new crochet book to arrive now (my Christmas present to myself :-])

This package was posted by the lovely Rachel as a little thank you for sending her a RAK.....

Love the vintage look and I neeeeeeeeeeed to crochet some little cakes to sit on that stand :-]
Thanks hunny, I love it <3<3
Oh and I need to move to where she lives,she has a Paperchase near!!!

Been busy since Monday printing out loads of stuff for the Jessica Sprague *free* class I'm taking,kind of disappointed that the stories we remember and write down aren't going in the binder with all the prompts,I've just brought a 6x6 AC album specially and not wasting it by just having the prompts in it,will make a cover for those I think and then write the stories out and pop them in the album.

So what else have I been doing apart from the blanket and the Jessica Sprague class? Not alot really, sat and made a real hard decision the other night, I'm giving up my night job in the specialist care centre where I've worked for the past 4 years. It was really hard as I love my job,think the world of the residents but I feel I can no longer work there with the people I have to work nights with (complete and utter numpties including the new night manager).I had some concerns regarding the safety of some of the residents and basically got told that as I only work one night a week my opinions don't count,doesn't matter that I'm the longest serving member of staff who works nights there and that I used to work full time hours!!
I have something else in the pipeline, just need to see what the outcome is on Monday to a meeting I'm having (nothing too exciting):-] also gonna concentrate on my Etsy and Folksy shops,so need to think of new ideas for those.

Right enough of my waffling,got to go Little Miss is whinging *roll eyes*



daydreamer said...

Glad you liked your prezzie,look forward to seeing the crochet cupcakes on the stand.
Your blanket is coming on lovely,
Good luck with what you have up your sleeve work wise,i jacked my office job in to do petsitting a few months ago, & i love it.
Really love the stuff you make,so i say 'go for it' with your Etsy/Folky shops,i reckon they'd be a huge success.
Sorry rambled on a bit there! lol
Rach x

Gems said...

What a lovely pressie :o)

I love that cake stand, I have it in clear, and used that notebook this week as an altered notebook hehe.

The blanket looks like it is coming on well :o)

I agree with Rachel too and think you will do great on Etsy/Folky - good luck with that!


lorna said...

good luck sarah, hope it all goes well with the shop and whatever it is you have up your sleeve lol.

Nat said...

Love the colours in the crochet quilt!

That deer card is sooo cute, was that from paperchase too? Lucky you receiving such lovely goodies :)

Good luck with your new ventrue, will look forward to hearing all about it! xxx