Friday, 14 November 2008


If you haven't signed up for the Jessica Spragues 'Stories in Hand' class you really must. I'm having great fun looking at all the prompts and remembering things that have been tucked away in a little corner in my brain for years and years :-]

After searching on the internet for hours trying to track down an AC album (man, they're like rocking horse shit to find) I finally found one,now Jessica is using her album to hold the prompts but I've decided mine is going to hold all my memories/stories I get from looking at the prompts.Didn't think much to the title either so used a tag from Shimelle,which I think will suit the album better :-]

Anyway here it is...

Using the very gorgeous October Afternoon papers.

Apart from writing and crocheting (Sally, if you're reading this,the hat will be posted on Monday) I've been scrapping loads but unfortunately I can't share just yet :-[

And thats it,last night at work on Sunday and I can't wait to bloody leave!!!
Have a great weekend whatever you're doing :-]



Sally said...

Thanks Sarah. Please feel free to drop it in if you like instead of posting as I am signed off work at the moment and will be at home.

{ Emma } said...

I love your cover it's gorgous. Great blog by the way.

I just tagged you over on mine to tell 7 random facts about yourself, I hope you want to play along too and then tag 7 people to do the same!

Emma XXX