Wednesday, 19 November 2008


Thats how old hubby is today!!

Happy birthday hunny, love you lots xx

So me leaving the care home I work at didn't go to plan, the manager phoned me on Monday concerned why I didn't go in on Sunday (bad bad headache) asking me all sorts of questions about the night manager and night carers, of course I told her everything and more. I also told her how unhappy I am working there at the moment and that I'm leaving because I don't want to work in that situation as I seriously feel like punching certain people!!
Finally come to an agreement.... as I honestly don't want to leave there so now I'm working 2 day shifts a week, which will be nice as it means I get to see all the residents up and about something I haven't seen since I started working there over 4 years ago and I get to work with people I actually like :-]
Also got to stay as our fixed rate mortgage ends at the end of next month and the payments have gone up GRRRR so need to shop around and find a new one, which I fear will be quite difficult especially now!!

My meeting went well on Monday and now I work for

delivering parcels to homes (glamorous I know LOL)
Training starts Thursday where I will learn how to use one of those handheld thingymajigs that you have to sign when receiving your parcels.

So lots of extra cash for stash and yarn and the extra money for the mortgage :-[

I was slightly bored today and has I had miscounted the money in my paypal I had a little splurge, I brought some lovely bright Rowan cotton to crochet Isla a little throw for her bed and I treated myself to this....

Not that I needed a new one!!



Nat said...

Congrats on the new job (and the old one too lol!). Hey you can deliver your own stash parcels now - no more waiting in for postie lol!! Heaven :)

Taniwha said...

OMG, when I turn up with one of the AB totes as well, don't think I'm copying you. I'm not. I put that on my Xmas list a long time ago. Like Sunday! Hahaha! Loving the AB! Glad you worked out the work situation and go you, delivering little boxes of joy to people :)

Gems said...

That sounds good about your old job - congrats on the new one too :o)
That tote is gorgeous!