Monday, 24 November 2008

Happy Monday Everyone

Well I started my new shifts at work and can honestly say I really enjoyed myself,I even got to take one of the residents to the pub yesterday afternoon which was good,its a totally different atmosphere and you can actually have a laugh!!! something that is seriously lacking on the night shift since a bunch of idiots started :-(

Had a lovely surprise yesterday, the post office have started delivering on a Sunday round here so I took delivery of my new tote/caddy in the morning and quickly filled it up with this.....

Yes people I'm using it for yarn LOL.
Inside is the beginning of Islas throw,done a few hexagons already and a few of the middle sections,you crochet the outer and attach it to the next hexagon as you go so no sewing together at the end *inserts big cheesy grin*

Itching to get on with it but have to wait for a few more balls of yarn to arrive which hopefully will be tomorrow,just received an email saying they have been dispatched.Its gonna be one expensive throw......14 balls of yarn at £3.50 each yikes!!

When I came home from work I was looking through the local paper before it went straight in the recycling bin and found an advert for this place, looks quite good,not far from me so I feel a little trip coming on before Christmas, it was the 'handcrafted items' that did it for me, I love anything handcrafted as long as it doesn't look like tat!!

And thats all,nothing more to say!
Except will be back in the week with some scrappin' items I've done and can't reveal yet.



{ Emma } said...

Wow I wish I could crochet, your throw is going to look gorgeous. Love those colours you are using.

Emma XXX

Gems said...

Oh wow that throw is looking gorgeous so far missy :o) xxx

Nat said...

One day, yes one day, my crochet is going to look just as good as that.

As the season of panto is almost upon us, I can already hear the cries of "oh no it's not" pmsl!!!


Marja said...

Oooh seeing stuff like this makes me want to sit down and learn crochet. It looks gorgeous! I don't dare start another hobby right now though.

I also now want the tote that I didn't want before I visited your blog. I could use it for my quilting projects...