Friday, 28 November 2008

Hello Only Me!!!!

Been really busy this week,started delivering parcels this week, all I'm saying is 'Thank God for sat navs!' Should of seen me on my first day surrounded by boxes of all different sizes in the front room,I stood there thinking where do I start first,after about 10 minutes and 10 fags I phoned hubby ranting and raving and then had a brainwave.....I phoned one of our friends who used to deliver parcels in the same area,we had it all wrapped up in about 2 hours :-]
He couldn't come over yesterday or today so out came Fred (sat nav) and he helped me on my way.
Next week hubby is starting work late so hes doing them, thank goodness for that.

Crocheting is going well, think I've done about 20 hexagons now,will have to take pictures of my progress I think, also been having interesting email conversations with Nat, trying to teach her how to crochet,which is not a good idea via email LOL, shes got it now YAY, so Nat if you're reading this, post some pics of your crochet on your blog hunny,would love to see what you're making :-]

Can finally reveal some scrappin'
Guess who I was Guest Designing for????

Only A Million Little Things!!!!, I had lots of Sassafras stash to play with,I'll post a few things but take a look over here to see the rest of the stuff.....

A 6x11 inch layout,this size fits in my 8.5x11 album, plus its a nice size to scrap :-D

Giant tag for Islas Fifi kitchen shes got from Father Christmas

Also had a PM over on UKs from Lianne asking if I would like to be on Sarahs Cards Ltd DT starting in January to which I replied yes!!

So for Christmas I will be asking for 30 hour days instead of 24 LOL.

Right off to sort my poorly girl out,Islas not very well at all,got a temperature and is being sick :-[

Have a lovely weekend



Nat said...

Ha ha well I wouldn't say I've got it really, but almost there. Everythihng I'm doing is turning out too big pmsl :D Did do one of those Granny squares last night though and it was bang on so I was well chuffed with that :)If I ever win any awards for crochet I'll be sure to list you in my thank you speech lol!

Well done on the DT spots ;)

daydreamer said...

Congratulations Missy :)
You deserve it, you're a talented gal.
Glad the jobs going well.I can just picture the scene, surrounded by parcels chain smoking! thats exactly how i'd be, thank god for Sat navs eh!
Hope 'little un' gets better soon,
Rach x

Sally said...

Congrats on the two DT invites, especially jealous of the millions one and getting sassafrass lass, how cool is that!
Its fun isn't it but loads of work too!!

Amanda said...

I saw your creations at AMLT blog and they are stunning! Love all you did with your Sassafras~beautiful items! I'll be checking back here to see more lovely things!

pakosta said...

your stuff is awesome!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!

Sally said...

Wow Sarah. Congratulations. Popped over to Million and saw the fab stuff you did.
When you coming back to the crop?