Friday, 5 December 2008

What a Week!!!

Never been so,Christmas shopping, wrapping presents and not forgetting parcel deliveries.

Talking of parcel deliveries, after we had finished delivering them today (Keiths hurt his leg and can hardly walk so I've been helping him) we popped into Sainsburys to get a few bits, anyway we were waiting for this car to drive out of the kiddy parking,we had indicated ready to reverse into it and guess what happened... some old people drove straight into the space!! Keith hobbled out and told them we were waiting for that space and the old man told him tough, now that would of been the end of it but they didn't have kids in the car GRRR, he then started mouthing off at Keith using the 'F' word and saying he was disabled (the disabled spaces are opposite) well the woman in the car starting gobbing off then,so me here turned round and got my two pennies worth in, the man was shouting at us 'wheres yours then,wheres yours then' (meaning where are our kids) he had a bit of a shock when we slid the side door open and there was Isla giving him cheesy smiles LOL.
Anyway at this point the old man got his stick and started waving it at Keith saying he was gonna hit him and as we walked past his wife got her stick and hit Keith on the back of his BAD leg!! I was howling with laughter,it was like a free for all in the car park,all these old people appearing giving their opinions and some of the language coming out of their mouth YIKES and I thought it was the youngsters of today that were rude!!

So after that excitement I went to pick the kids up from school and popped into the school Christmas fayre,the kids decorated a few decorations for the tree which we're putting up next weekend, getting a real one this year from the place that are suppling 10 Downing Street with theirs.
They also went into the secret room to choose a present and have the teachers gift wrap it,of course Lana couldn't wait to show me what she had got me through the door.. a lovely pearl necklace and bracelet set which she wants for herself and Alfie got me a Mr Men bath set but has already chosen to share it with me LOL.

Few more pressies to wrap tonight, then just a couple more toys to get and then the adults and not forgetting a tacky present for mum and dad, something we do every year,want to see if mum can beat us this year,last Christmas we got them a very fetching white plastic Coronation Street clock,which when the alarm goes off,the doors open,a light comes on so you can see Jack and Vera and starts playing the theme tune for the show PMSL

Thats it,have a great weekend



daydreamer said...

OMG!!! What a nightmare, when old people start going off on one, what can you do? there old!
Cheeky beggers, i reckon they play on it you know, lol
I've come across some evil oldies before, so i can totally picture the scene! lol, Poor Keith's leg!
I know what you mean about being busy, this month is flying by & i have so much to do still, have hardly bought anything yet!
Take care
Rach x

Gems said...

Lol at the tacky gifts tradition - that is really cool :o)

I can't believe what happened in the car park though. Some old people are so rude! It irritates me so much when they park in the kiddy spaces.

Hope Keith's leg is getting better and no more oldies smack him in it lol


Nat said...

pmsl - that's just the laugh I needed this morning. It's true - old people can be so rude. I hate it when there's a massive queue and they just waltz to the front oblivious to the fact there's 30 people waiting, and noone does anything about it - they do put it on I'm telling ya!!!

Lol at whacking keith on the leg with the stick, I can just picture it! If it had been the other way round the police would have been called! If it had been me that old dude would have had a night in the cells to teach him a lesson pmsl!


PS. Love the Joseph pics, he looks so cute in his costume!