Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Marys Knitting

That was the title of Alfies Christmas play at school,he played the part of Joseph,though he did look abit like E.T in the oversized coat LOL. He had to pretend to spin wool on a spinning wheel and his words were 'Please can I have some more wool' Dead proud of him and hope he does as well on Friday when he has to do it all over again :-]

Right off to track down some more yarn for Islas blanket,need more of each colour and the shop where I brought the last batch from have ran out of some of the colours GRRR!! Fingers crossed I will be able to track the colours down or this blankets gonna be awful small LOL, will post pics of it tomorrow :-]


1 comment:

Gems said...

Aww bless him :o)

Fingers crossed you find some more wool! xxx