Thursday, 18 December 2008


All of us have had that nasty horrible viral infection thats been going around,I can't remember ever being so bad. Lana started being really poorly in the early hours of Friday morning and gradually getting worse and worse, we had to take her up the hospital in the end as she was running a temperature,complaining of a pain in her side and could hardly walk due to her being constantly dizzy.I think the hospital wanted us to go up because they were concerned the pain in her side was her appendix,luckily it wasn't it was just a bad viral infection.Alfie started feeling poorly Sunday and Monday morning I started feeling bad.Hopefully the worse is over and Christmas will be bug free!!

Anyone else feeling Christmassy yet? I'm not,just doesn't feel Christmassy at all,maybe once the kids have been to see Santa and his reindeer on Monday we will start getting in the mood.

On holiday from work now until the 27th,the first Christmas in 4 years where I haven't worked Christmas Eve,love Christmas Eve,love getting everything ready,the presents under the tree,I even love preparing the veg LOL.

Woke up to an early present yesterday....

Just need to get to grips with the blumin' thing now LOL!!

Haven't done much more to the blanket,due to feeling yucky but did manage to track some more yarn down so will be getting more after Christmas. Will remember to post a pic over the weekend,loving the look of it already :-]


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