Thursday, 18 December 2008

Why Oh Why

do Argos have to have a half price sale!!!??

Just need to get a couple of little things for the kids and everything I've clicked on is OUT OF STOCK
Means I have to go all the way to Toysrus now or pluck up the courage to venture into town tomorrow or Saturday,something I didn't want to do :-[, oh well if I have to go into town at least I can look for a tacky present for mum,better start in Poundland first.

Had a lovely surprise today when I went down to mums,she knows I love all things retro/vintage and she picked these cups and saucers up from Acorns for £2.95, I love them and think they will go in my kitchen a treat :-]

Finally took some photos of Islas blanket,love the way its coming along,can't wait to see it completed....

Leave you with one of my presents on my Christmas wishlist...

Hopefully Keiths taken the hint,I emailed him the link for it LOL!!


Nat said...

Love the cups and saucers, and the blanky is looking fab :)
Glad you're all over the bug in time for Chrimbo! I'm not feeling festive this year either :( xxx

daydreamer said...

Love your cups & saucers, very funky.
And your blanket is coming on lovely too.
Hope you get your doll for crimbo & lots more besides!.
Happy Christmas, have a good one
Rach x

Attic24 said...

Thanks so much for your comment on my blog, and my goodness, your hex is looking beeeeeaaaaaaautiful!! I love your colours, the combination of brights and pastels is wonderful.
Happy hooking!

Marja said...

ooooooooh yes I MUST learn crochet. I love that blanket you're doing! What kind of yarn do you use? Is cotton easier than wool? I'll have to PM you on UKS once I am done playing with playdoh now, lol.