Monday, 29 December 2008

Did You Survive

the last few days???

We did and a good time was had by all.

I had an early Christmas present on the Saturday before....

And we've been playing with it ever since LOL!

Christmas Eve was lovely, the first time I haven't worked it in 4 years, it was great to see the kids getting excited, once they were bathed and in their new jarmies (a must) we went and sprinkled reindeer food outside ready for Rudolph and his friends, popped a mince pie and a glass of milk on the table for the man himself and took them up to bed. We waited a while before we started assembling the new toys like the Fifi kitchen and the scooter and bike we had got for Isla, so of course out came the booze and I was happily sipping away :-] while waiting for peace and quiet from upstairs (a sign that they were asleep).
I went to pop their little sacks on their beds when I went to bed and stupid me here didn't check to see if they were asleep first, so when I walked into Lanas room with the sacks she looked at me and smirked so I quickly had to come up with a lame excuse as to why I had the sacks....'hes left them by the door because he knew you were still awake' it worked and nothing was said in the morning.
So onto Christmas Day.... it was great, the kids loved all their presents,you couldn't see the front room floor and if I'm honest you still can't LOL

I had some lovely presents including a couple of books, CDs,that Momiji doll from the last post ;-] and of course my Wii.

Christmas afternoon was spent playing with the kids toys and that included drinking endless cups of tea from Islas kitchen LOL.

Boxing Day was an open house with friends over for a buffet tea,drinks,music and the Wii

So that was how our Christmas was spent,went back to work on Saturday which was fun,the residents had drinks a disco and Karoke which of course me and a few other carers had to get up and sing along to Dancing Queen and I Will Survive, doesn't matter if you make a complete tit of yourself there, you fit right in with all the residents thats why I love the place PMSL,Keiths back at work tonight, so once Isla and Alfie are in bed (Lanas staying down me mums) I'm gonna get cosy on the sofa and do abit more of Islas crochet blanket :-D



Lorena said...

We also got a Wii! and I've made bowling pro! but boy is my shoulder aching! Hope your enjoying your Wii as much as I am!

krystel/bob376 said...

Hope your enjoying your Wii as much as I am!