Wednesday, 31 December 2008

R S I!!

Thats what I'm suffering from, been playing that bloody Wii too many times I think!!
But hey I'm a PRO at bowling now and have a shiny blue ball LOL!

Just popping on to wish everyone who reads this blog a ....


Hope your 2009 is a happy and prosperous one

Will leave you with a couple of pics taken on Christmas Day that I found on the camera today

Isla dressed as Upsey Daisy with her Og Pog Scooter...

And the tacky present we got off mum and dad this year, it has to sit proudly on the side in the front room for a year (yeah right, I shall hide it behind a picture LOL)



Gems said...

Happy New Year! Hope 2009 treats you very well :o)

Aww bless look at little Isla she's just too cute hehe.


Lorena said...

YAY! Welcome to Pro status!