Wednesday, 14 January 2009


is anyone still there????

Sorry for not posting but been working non stop,feels like I'm always at work, then when I get home it starts all over again and to top it all off dads been in hospital,everythings ok now but lets just say he nearly lost his arm due to the stupidity of a doctor at his surgery!!

Haven't had chance to do alot of any crafting :-[ except for my DT work for Sarahs Cards,wouldn't of chose the papers myself so it was a challenge but I managed 4 layouts so all came good in the end :-]

Today was my day off and I decided to do some scrappin', gonna park me arse on the sofa and carry on crocheting Islas blanket shortly, poor thing hasn't been touched for a couple of weeks, won't get it finished until 2011 at this rate. So where was I? Oh yeah, I scrapped today, quickly gave the house a quick once over (doesn't look like it now mind) and grabbed a few scrappy items and did this.....

Right will be back later this week hopefully.

Toodle ooooo


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Nat said...

Alright bird?! Fab LO, looking forward to seeing what you came up with using the DT kit :) Stop working so hard - it aint good for ya I tell ya! xxxx