Friday, 16 January 2009

Most Haunted Live

Anyone else been watching this?
If not you're not missing anything!!
Ain't been the same since Derek Acora (the fake) got dumped from the show,at least when he was on you were guaranteed a laugh especially when he got possessed!!

Roll on next week when my all time favourite show comes back on....Greys Anatomy,oooh can't wait :-]

Anyway I've been taking it easy for the last few days, catching up with housework and such like,went shopping yesterday and got Islas birthday present,can't believe shes gonna be three next week and still won't use the bloody potty!! But I'm determined that by this time next week she will at least of sat on it for a few minutes and not just shook her head and pointed to the nappies when I ask her if she needs a wee, the other two were both dry by the time they were three.
I've stocked up on extra knickers, she had some for Christmas with her beloved Upsy Daisy on but will she wear them? will she heck LOL!

Back to work tomorrow for 4 days, meant to be cooking with some of the residents which should be fun and then Sunday is quiz and bingo, honestly it just doesn't feel like I go out to work!!

Managed to get some more of Islas blanket done, I've now done 82 hexagons, don't know how many more I will need to finish it off, I'll just stop when it looks big enough LOL.

I've also downsized my scrappin' paper, sorted it all out and now have less than half the amount of paper, which was quite good tonight when I scrapped, meant I was spending less time fanny arsing around trying to decide what paper to use, couldn't get rid of the other stuff though, so all the stuff I won't use but can't get rid of just in case is now boxed up in the cupboard.

So thats what I've been doing the last few days, how about you?
Right off to sew in a few ends of the blumin blanket.

Have a great weekend whatever you've got planned.


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