Sunday, 8 March 2009

Chocolate Overload!!!

Can you guess where we've been today???

Yep thats right, been here.....

While cleaning out the junk drawer in the kitchen this week I came across the ticket for free entry that I won last year at the Scrapajack Retreat....cheers Jak and Deb!!

Couldn't believe how busy it was or how much it had changed since the last time I went, the kids enjoyed it, think their favourite things were the ride on the Cadabra and inside Essence, the place where you can mix warm runny chocolate with different sweets, the kids went for the safe option.....marshmallows and I of course went for some weird combination.... warm runny chocolate with midget gums.....not a nice combination!!!

Mmmmmm marshmallows & chocolate

Had some cheesy photos taken and had them turned into mousemats, also got the pics printed too but not going to upload them as as I said they are far too cheesy LOL.

So what else have I been doing this past week??
Not much apart from building flat packed furniture for the girls room,they are now in bunk beds and have some lovely two toned pink furniture, just need to crack on and get it decorated now.

Also started a new crochet project....

Decided to scrap the ripple throw as it was going to work out far too expensive and started making these little beauties instead,I'm loving the colours of them so far, going to edge them all in one colour, I'm thinking cream but undecided yet, so while I ponder I will carry on making the middles :-D

Back to work tomorrow :( been on annual leave this week but didn't feel like it with the amount of catching up on things that needed doing around the house,but oh well I've caught up now so can forget about it for this week.

Right off to chuck me jimjams on, snuggle on the sofa with me yarn <3 <3

Did I tell you I love crocheting???


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