Saturday, 14 March 2009


Got one of these in the post today

and you need a bloody degree to load the tape and get the thing working!!!!
The instructions were pants,in the end I found a video on the net which me and Keith both had to watch twice LOL.
Got it working in the end and OH MY very impressed indeedy :-D
Its something I've been thinking of getting for a few months now, gotta be cheaper than keep buying Herma (haven't forgotten that I still owe you one BSIL ;))
Wednesday I was searching the net, found a couple of places that sell them but not at the price I wanted to pay so what next....I know I'll have a look on Ebay as you do, you can find most things on there including kitchen sinks, anyway found one, you could buy it now or make an offer so thats what I did and they accepted it, so for under £20 I had the gun, 4 rolls of tape and 1st class recorded BARGAIN ME THINKS!!

So of course I had to have a go at making a few layouts using it and here they are....

Every Christmas me and mum have a contest to see who can get each other the tackiest present,the one with the tackiest present has to display it proudly for everyone to admire......mum won this year and said item is now on my corner unit in the front room.

Found this one on me laptop earlier, thought it was kinda cool so of course I had to scrap it

And Alfie after being a little too adventurous at Cadbury World and getting stuck on the big kids climbing frame.

I've decided that Fridays are my scrappin' days, it takes me all week to think of something to scrap LOL.

Had a little splurge over at Millions the other day,when I Guest Designed for the shop in December Jill gave me a 20% off code as a thank you and its been saved in my email ever since so I went and had a wee look as you do and got a few things coming that aren't over here yet and the best thing is Keith paid for it :-) Mothers Day next week and all that.

So what else has been happening here??
Not a lot, all the kids have got awful coughs,Islas is keeping her awake at night :(
Managed to do some more little squares for my blanket while I blubbed through Jades wedding and running up and down the stairs seeing to Isla, thank god for Sky+

Work tomorrow or should that be later on today so think I'll be off to bed

Nighty night


Anonymous said...

Hi there, got myself the same ATG gun off ebay a few weeks ago.Crikey the tape sticks well doesnt it!?No margin for error-eek.
Love your new LOs too.
Jackie (citrine UKS)

natty said...

LOL, I had to smile at this - I recently got one too, and ditched the instructions as soon as I looked at them and went a-searching on youtube!
Bit of a cumbersome thing to get used to but it ain't half good eh? It sure sticks where you put it and I can now do away with clogged up perma herma dispensers and keep enjoying my repo herma when I need it. :o)

How's the crocheting coming along, I was really tempted to try out the hex throw but I've never crocheted granny "squares" before and have less than stellar success when trying to get my crochet flower kit done....

Nat said...

Alright bird?!

Mmmmm lotsa lovely pages to look at as always :) Loving the minibook and pmsl at Alfie gettin stuck on the slide!!! Thats what happens when you go wild at Cadbury world innit?!

Yup I want me some of them retro cosmo bits too - lovely!