Friday, 20 March 2009

Makes all the Hardwork Worth it...

when she brings this home from school ready for Sunday

Makes me laugh as only a couple of days ago she was telling me I was mean and that she hated me because I wouldn't let her have her own way over something trivial.

Went out last night for a meal with some of my very good mates from work,something thats quite hard to arrange as we all work different shifts but last night we all piled into the pub down the road from me, had a few drinks,something to eat and a right old laugh, something we all needed as work is very stressful at the moment

These are the same people I'm going to Butlins with next year,been for the 70's weekend, next year its the 80's, I'm thinking crimped hair, jelly shoes or maybe an early Madonna look LOL!

As its Friday, its my scrappin' night so once I've sorted the kids out, I'm off to scrap a few pictures.

Have a great weekend


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