Wednesday, 25 March 2009


Did you all have a nice weekend???
How about Mothers Day??

I had my prezzies when I came from work Saturday evening as I was working all day Sunday...... a lovely big bunch of flowers a CD and a couple of beautiful handmade cards from the kids and a chinky tea courtesy of my lovely hubby, talking of hubby he has his instructors exam tomorrow and hes sat here crapping his self, hardly anybody passes first time so hes not holding out much hope (how very optimistic NOT!!) but if he does pass tomorrow he will be a proper driving instructor, if not he will have to redo part 3.

Going out tomorrow with the girls again, one of my work mates is leaving tomorrow, going to pastures new :( so we've all decided to go and cause mayhem in the pub we all went to last week LOL.

So as last Friday was my scrappin' night here are a couple of layouts I did....

And these are a couple I did for Sarahs Cards blog....

Nice and simple!!

Talking about Sarahs Cards, shes holding a retreat next March, the place where its being held looks lovely,think its going to sell out pretty fast so if you're interested, book your place quickly, unfortunately I can't go as I'm away that weekend but I am going here in November which I'm really looking forward to and if you're reading this Nat and Gem you better come!!!

Crochet is coming on ok :-), decided to edge the granny squares in cream and so far it looks lovely even if I do say so myself,doing it the no sew way which is much easier than sitting there sewing them all together,can't be doing with that I tell ya!!

My order from Millions arrived the other day, just waiting on my kit from KennerRoad now,got a little idea in my head and so want to use the contents of the kit for it.

Thats it in a nutshell

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Nat said...

Ha! Really hoping to go in November, just waiting to find out from uni what my teaching prac dates are!! Should be a fab weekend! :) Stocking up on wine already :D