Friday, 27 March 2009

No Title

Been scrappin' tonight, finished a layout and then started another but couldn't find what I was looking for so made the BIG mistake of sorting out stash,believe me after 5 minutes I realised I had made a BIG mistake and shoved it all back in the cupboard LOL.

Heres said layout

When I saw that journal card I thought it was only going to be a small thing, had a bit of a surprise when it turned up,got a couple more that size, think I may be using them for pages in a book or something.

Got a new toy today, was saying to Hubby I quite fancied a new label maker,anyway he had to nip out earlier and decided to surprise me with this when he got back in ...

Bless him LOL

Last night was great, sad that one of my best mates has left but we gave her a good send off!

Realised the other night that I can go to Sarahs retreat after all,its the weekend after I come back from Butlins so have something else to look forward too :-D

Work tomorrow, so best be off



Jackie said...

oooh like the card *wink wink* might nip over in the week LOL x

kjjc said...

glad you can make the retreat-looking forward to meeting you there.