Friday, 3 April 2009

Sorting Out

I took the plunge today and started to sort out my stash, got rid of loads of Thickers *yikes* and me a big fan of Thickers too!!
Only got rid of the packs where its impossible to make any words out of and ones that had lost their see I can't be bothered to put them back in the wrapper once I open them,far too lazy for that!
I now have a tidy box of Thickers, can't believe the amount of packs I own *rolleyes*.
Most of my favourite, use all the time stash is finally getting a new home, been meaning to get a wheelable tote for ages as Shelia (Stanley rolling toolbox) is starting to look abit shabby now :-( so today I went over to The Range and brought these....

I did go to get the older version of the wheelie tote but they didn't have any and when I saw these I had to have them LOL.

Kids break up tomorrow for a fortnight, Alfie thinks its Good Friday tomorrow and won't have it that its next week. Talking of Alfie,its his birthday in a couple of weeks, can't believe my little man is going to five,where does the time go?? He wants a blue DS,so will have to go hunting for one of those, asked him today if he would like a party, he said no he just wants to go to KFC for his tea LOL loves KFC, just like his mum.

Scrapped a picture tonight, one I have scrapped before but who's counting....

Right off to bed I go, but will leave you with a conversation between Alfie,Lana and Isla that I heard earlier.

Lana - Isla, do you love mummy and daddy?
Isla - yep
Lana - Isla do you love me?
Isla - yep
Lana - do you love Alfie?
(Isla calls Alfie 'the boy')
Isla - no.... holds her nose boy,he mells
Alfie - I don't, I wash my hands when I've been for a poo


Must document this in a layout

Until tomorrow


kjjc said...

don't you just love them. Brill conversation deffo worthy of a lo.

Nat said...

lol kids rock!

Oooh swanky pants, look at yer new storage! I have got a stanley robox - but it's so much hassle I just cart my stuff about in 400 pizza boxes now! ooh I ooze class me! xxx