Friday, 3 April 2009

Catching Up

Yep thats what I've been doing today and no I don't mean housework.

I'm on about 52Q!!

Been looking on Emily Falconbridges blog every week since January looking at the prompts thinking I'll make a start but never did, so 13 prompts later I've finally made a start *insert big smiley face*

In between doing mummy things ie - playing, emptying the potty....lots of times (that girl drinks far too much LOL),feeding the clan, listening to them read, telling them to calm down cos their in hypo mode...far too much chocolate at school today GRRR,sorting them out ready for bed and then tucking them in with a cuddle and kiss *BLESS 'EM* I made a binder from scratch to hold the pages/tags and even managed to complete a couple of prompts.......

Gotta get me some more of that paper!!

Did another layout last night but can't decide if its finished or not, so I'll leave it a couple more days while I think about it haha.

Really must take a pic of my blanket, its coming along lovely,think I'm gonna have to order more yarn though..that'll have to wait, need to get on with decorating the front room especially after I noticed felt tip earlier on one of the walls, asked Isla if it was her, she blamed 'the boy', makes me laugh everytime she says that,been trying to get her to say Alfie but shes having none of it.

PMSL at her earlier, she was sat on her Fifi quadbike with her back against the wall,she slid fell off the quadbike so she was between the bike and the front room wall,I got up to go to sort her out and the next thing you know shes passed me at high speed (2 MPH) with her foot somehow wedged onto the accelerator and the rest of her being dragged down the side....I know I shouldn't of laughed but I couldn't help it, its a sight you don't see very often LOL

And with that I shall bid you goodnight

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