Friday, 17 April 2009


following on from the other night I took the kids to Symonds Yat and to say I was disappointed is an understatement!! The place has changed so much since I used to spend many a Sunday afternoon there as a kid.Why do they have to change everything??
Lets just say the best thing about that afternoon was when I stuck a £10 note into the change machine to get 10 pound coins and it spat out 20 instead (the extra tenner paid for the fair rides :-D)

As it has been raining most of the week we have spent time doing things in the including making these...

The only draw back is we're still waiting for them to dry so we can paint them,hopefully they will be able to paint them tomorrow when I'm at work. Talking of work I've gone from senior carer to care co-ordinator,more money but more hours....another 6 every fortnight...think I can manage that LOL. The home where I work has been undergoing some refurbishment and to celebrate us all hopefully moving back in on Monday (not holding my breath) me and two other members of staff are taking 5 residents to Weston Super Mare for the day on Sunday, should be fun, must remember to take my camera.

Did a layout for the first time in a fortnight tonight,think I'm gonna have a break from scrappin' for a while as I'm going through a stage where I can't be bothered with it anymore,not as obsesssed as I once was, think I can honestly say if I didn't do it again it really wouldn't bother me.

Anyway here is said layout, please excuse the crap picture, my scanner didn't like the bumpyness (is that a word?) of it....

Right off to crochet some more, making a bag at the mo
Have a great weekend



Nat said...

Congrats on the promotion :)

Waaaaaa?! OMG, imagine no more scrapping from Sarah?! Noooooo! Where will we all get our inspiration from then?! lol. I'm sure your mojo will come back at some point :D xxx

Pauline said...

Congratulations about the job! And I have to say the same as Nat, what on earth would we do if you stopped scrapping!?!?! A break is a good thing, but I'm really hoping the mojo comes back your way!