Thursday, 23 April 2009

Happy Birthday..

My handsome little man!!!

5 today, goodness where does the time go???

His birthday officially started at 3am...thats the time he got up, carried all his presents upstairs,went into the girls room,woke Lana up to ask if he could open his presents.Keith walked in from work at 3.20am to find him surrounded by wrapping paper LOL, he did go back to sleep and got back up at half six.
He loved all his presents,he decided he didn't want a blue DS in the end so we got him lots of Power Ranger stuff and a massive Optimus Prime Transformer which transforms itself when you push it along the floor

Better not show him this cake I found on the internet earlier or else he will want it instead of his lovely chocolate cake thats covered in smarties, rolos and munchies YUM YUM


Hes gone to school today with a bag loaded with sweets for his class mates, I asked him a month ago if he wanted a party, he said no thanks, he would have one next year instead, then two days ago he told me he had changed his mind GRRR. I managed to fob him off with doing whatever he wants to do on Saturday afternoon once I finish work, its seems to have worked LOL.We are going out to The Harvester for tea later, he loves the salad bar and the desserts :-D

Took some of the residents to Weston Super Mare on Sunday,what a lovely day we had,tiring but good fun, scoffing fish 'n' chips (they always taste better at the seaside don't ya think) hot donuts and ice cream. I made the mistake of asking one of the residents if there was anything he wanted to do, he said he would like to go on this...


I don't like them, so tried asking the other 2 members of staff which one of them wanted to go on, they both made excuses so that left me...fortunately for me but unfortunately for him it was out of order, had problems with the computer so it was shut.

Right off to mow the grass, really must find out how much astro turf is LOL

See ya later

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Nat said...

Aww Happy Birthday to Alfie! Hope he had a great day :D xxx