Friday, 1 May 2009


to have a go at making a couple of these....

so I've brought another one of these...

Just got to wait for it to arrive now :-D

My old machine now as a new mum, who hasn't used a sewing machine since she was at school many moons ago,just got to show her how to thread the thing and she will be away russling up god only knows what with fabric LOL.

I'm seriously addicted to this show....

Anyone else been watching it ??

Was mesmerized at how fast that woman was knitting on the show last night,thought my mum was a fast knitter, often knitting up a cardi for the girls in a couple of days but blimey,thought she'd only knitted a couple of stitches and she had actually finished a row in a matter of seconds!!!

Think thats gonna be the next thing on my list of things to learn :-D,well all the stitches anyway, I can do the casting on and I think its plain but every other stitch just goes over my head.

Still crocheting away at my granny blanket, do you wanna see a picture? OK here it is...

50 squares completed and another 30 squares to be attached sometime soon, maybe I'll do some tonight :-D

Marja, I got the new OA from Millions, but think they might have sold out of some of the papers :-(

Right away to chuck me chicken in the oven.


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Lorena said...

Okay, I LOVE the pillows!!! and I tried the knitting and I gave up hopelessly! I'm just too slow!