Friday, 8 May 2009

New Bag

Been looking for a new bag for work but without luck and as my new sewing machine arrived yesterday I thought I'd make me one:-D

Made out of nothing but scraps of fabric and one of my old tshirts for the lining
Can't decide whether to add a big crochet flower to it or leave it as it is...umm decisions, decisions.

Right off to open my new parcel of stash that the lovely postman has just delivered and have a look at the new OA papers *heart* before I jump in the shower and get myself ready for work.


ETA... The new OA is soooooooo much better IRL!!


Nat said...

Go for the crochet flower!! Fab bag - clever you :)

love the bus too lol xxxx

Lorena said...

I love this bag! I'm no good at making ideas in my head turn into actual projects!
I think a big ol' crochet flower would be perfect!