Friday, 22 May 2009


I think I've broken one of my toes :-(
Don't ask me how I ended up kicking the kitchen door but thats what happened yesterday and to top it off I was going out last night with the girls from work and had to wear me Crocs instead of my heels LOL.

In the last couple of days I've finished my blanket and started my 'Coin' quilt,gonna do a bit more to the quilt in a mo, the kids half term holiday started today and they're upstairs having a disco with the music blasting out LOUDLY...its a good job the neighbours are on holiday,not that they would mind,well I think they wouldn't.

Notice the girls hiding behind it??

Got BSIL coming over tonight for a little scrappin' session, gonna do some more to a mini album I've been working on.


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Nat said...

Hmmmm me likey likey likey the look of the quilt using the jelly roll thing! Is it easy?! No, hang on don't tell me cos I really don't need any more (expensive) hobbies right now pmsl!!!!