Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Schools Out For Summer

what bloody summer!!!
Whats happened to all the lovely hot weather we had?
Getting slightly concerned now as we're off camping in just over a weeks time and I've got a funny feeling all its gonna do is rain :(, also the kids have decided they want to go here, there and everywhere while they're off school.

Anyway changing the subject I've decided to loose some of those extra pounds that have somehow managed to attach themselves to different parts of my body (haven't a clue how that happened LOL) never been that bothered before, but you know its time to do something when you look in the mirror and don't like whats staring back at ya!!

So I've been and brought a Wii Fit board and also this

Flippin' heck they both make you sweat like a pig!!
So with the help of the above and abit of healthy eating I've lost a whole pound since Friday, not alot but as they say 'slow and steady wins the race'

I've been awarded this by Emma, thanks honey, and please share where you brought that lovely fabric from thats pictured on your blog ;)

I'll have to have a wonder through some of my favourite blogs to have a look at who I'm gonna award this too.

Thats all folks


1 comment:

{ Emma } said...

Good luck with the Wii fit, I'd like one but just don't think I'd use it enough.

The fabric is from a shop called Cross Patch, I've just done another post on my blog and there's a link on there.