Wednesday, 22 July 2009


this advert I found while trawling through the usual craft sites I like to visit whenever I get the chance when looking for inspiration

and I am getting excited and I am going to make things!!!!
Finally managed to track down some of the gorgeous Moda 'Wonderland' fabric that Emma had posted on her blog, its on its way to me as I type (very happy)

Got a list as long as my arm as to what I want to use it for. Look at these pictures and you'll understand why its become sooooo long...

(Pictures courtesy of Flickr)

Love the chair cushions in the first picture, heck I love everything in the first picture, if only a corner in my kitchen looked like this...ahhhhh wishful thinking!!

Or I wonder if Little Miss will let me make her this patchwork dress??

Tutorial for it can be found here

Right I'm off to search for more lovely things I want to make :-D


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