Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Poorly :(

Thats what I've been for the last couple of days, felt like I'd been hit by a train.
Luckily not the dreaded Swine Flu thank goodness.
All the kids have been poorly too,Lana was that bad she had a trip to the hospital during the early hours of Thursday morning and got put on a nebulizer and then given a inhaler as she was having trouble breathing, luckily shes ok now and is spending a couple of days down her nans where she will get spoilt rotten I expect.

As I was feeling a little better yesterday I made a couple of drawstring bags for the kids so they can chuck a couple of bits in them to take with us when we go camping at the weekend, just got to do Lana one now which I will do tomorrow.

Tonight I've started a new quilt using the very nice Moda Wonderland fabric

Decided to buy the part for my machine so I can have a go at some free motion quilting on it,hopefully it will look ok when its done :)

Treated myself to one of these today

Just waiting for it to arrive now so I can load it up with songs ready for the weekend, Lana decided she wanted one, so shes got my shuffle and can listen to High School Musical and Lady Gaga to her hearts content LOL!

Right off I go, got so much to do the next couple of days including the dreaded ironing :(


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