Wednesday, 1 July 2009

This Kid

Nearly caused me a heart attack earlier.

We were sorting out the back garden, getting rid of all the crap when the phone rang, we didn't get to it on time so Keith rang 1571 as you do and got a message from the school saying 'there is an emergency, can you phone back ASAP' well me knees were like jelly as Keith phone back, I was expecting him to be told that one of the kids had broke a limb or that they had a 6 inch gash on their what we were told was that during lunch time Alfie had decided to open one of these and DRINK THE CONTENTS!!!!!!

What a bloody numpty LOL!
He saw me put it into his lunch bag this morning so his lunch would be kept cool, he knows exactly what it is so I have no idea what made him drink it *wacko* well I do cos when I asked him he said he was 'thirsty'...didn't matter that his drinks bottle that contained apple and blackcurrant squash was in his lunch bag along with his lunch and the ice pack!!!

Keith went racing to the school expecting to find him with tummy ache or even being sick but no what he saw was Alfie eating his other sandwich and dancing around with one of the teachers, while the receptionist was talking to someone on the phone from NHSDirect.
A doctor from NHSDirect then phoned me to tell me that the liquid in the ice pack contained metal something or other and that the ingredients were food additives so wouldn't require treatment.

Well Keith brought him home, he finished the rest of his lunch and has spent the rest of the afternoon in the pool along with me :-D.

I've come to the conclussion that he will be safer having school dinners and it safes me fretting on how to keep his yogurt and his sarnies cool in this lovely weather LOL!

Hope this hot weather lasts, we're off camping in a few weeks :-D

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