Friday, 19 June 2009

Have You Missed Me???

(probably not LOL)
More to the point does anyone actually read this anymore??

So what have I been doing these last few weeks.....quite abit!!
Been kept busy redecorating the front room and yes I had GREAT pleasure in ripping up the manky carpet that has been in the house for YEARS & YEARS

Its been replaced with this...

And the walls are now covered in this....

Just need to find a couple of lovely new sofas now.

As my front room has had a makeover, thought I'd give this poor neglected blog one too LOL.

No scrappin' done apart from my DT work for Sarahs Cards (very nice kit,using one of my favourite manufactures)

Been crocheting quite abit, finished another jacket for Miss Isla and started this..

Finally tracked down a UK stockist for Lion Brand wool which I was pleased about,been wanting to try their wool for ages but had no joy until last week...100gm balls for a couple of quid makes me very happy indeedy :-D

Isla has her first trip to nursery next week,shes quite excited about it and says shes gonna paint a picture of Bob the Builder for the boy LOL.
Then its the kids sports day/fete which unfortunately I can't go to as I'm working :-(

Will leave you with a picture of Isla playing 'Where's Your'...


Won't leave it so long next time xx

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Sally said...

nice to see you back.