Thursday, 20 August 2009

52 Weeks

thats the name of my new album I'm working on at the moment and for the next 48 weeks.Decided to do it after the kids said to me the other night 'we've done lots of things in these holidays haven't we mum?'
So I've taken the plunge, got a notebook and wrote everything we did/do week to week and I'm going to continue with it until the end of July next year (thats if I stick to it..ummm we'll see LOL)
Once I've wrote everything down in a diary sort of way, I print it out on a piece of 6x6'' card/paper add a few pics and voila one week complete :)

If you'd like to join me on this journey feel free,I'd love to see what you get up to.

My entry for this week so far goes like this....

Another 3 long shifts at work.The kids spent time playing on the Wii and on their bikes out the front.Alfie still hasn't mastered riding his bike properly,doesn't help that he looks at his feet instead of where he's going.
Packed a picnic and spent most of Tuesday at the park in Stourport, the kids had fun,must remember to take their swimming things next time as they have a pool there.Came back via Wychbold so I could pick up some more wool for my crochet blanket.
Boring housework was done on Wednesday and as it warmed up in the afternoon the kids played in the pool in the garden,Lana has finally plucked up the courage to put her head completely under the water which she was most pleased about.

Couple of pics from this entry...

Hoping I keep up with it and that the weeks don't get too boring once they are back at school.

Treated myself to some new stash the other day, hopefully it will be with me in the next couple of days..

Can't wait to play when it arrives :)



michelle said...

so good to see you scraping again hun and what a great idea! Hope you're well and happy love M x

michelle said...

ok it's late and red wine flowing for scraping read scrapping LOL M x