Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Scrappin' & Crochet

As the kids are down my mums until I pick them up later, I've been scrappin'

Going to make another later with an idea I've got in mind and then I may make a start on a mini.

Started another crochet project before I went on holiday and starting putting them together the other night

Apart from the cream wool that has come from my stash and I will need to get more of, everything else as been given to me by my lovely mum :)

Remember this blanket I made??...

Well my (b)SIL came over and I gave it to her as a belated birthday present.

Right off to tidy up a little.

1 comment:

Katrina said...

Hi Sarah,

I found your blog via Sarah's cards blog. I love your scrapping style, it's so gorgeous, just perfect :)
I especially love the papers you've used on these 3, what range are they?
Thank you for having your link up on the shop blog & for sharing your beautiful pages.