Thursday, 27 August 2009

Following on from Yesterdays Post

I just had to scrap the picture and another one...

Also made another one, this time of some random songs that are on my lovely green ipod (have I told you how much I love it??) So handy when the kids are screaming and bawling, just stick the earphones in your ears and voila the sounds of them disappear LOL..

Received my kit from Sarahscards this morning, one of my favourite manufacturers are in the kit, so it makes working with it even easier :-D

Off shopping tomorrow for the kids new school shoes,not expecting much change out a £100 :(
Also got to find a new top as I've off out on the lash Saturday night, a couple of people are leaving work and we're going into town,shame I'm working a 12 hour shift on Sunday, so can't get too drunk.

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Rachael said...

Lovely LOs especially like the Poor Kid one!