Wednesday, 9 September 2009


Been busy working and creating layouts for Sarahscards DT, pics to follow soon :-)
Also I've been making a couple of layouts for a couple of classes I'm teaching in a couple of weeks in Coventry, the lovely Claire asked me if I would like to come and teach at the crop she organizes.....just hope the ladies like them.

The kids have gone back to school,they both seem to like it,will that change? I don't know LOL.

Little missy starts pre-school tomorrow and shes definitely excited about it!! For the last couple of weeks shes been going around saying 'me chool' and then yesterday we had tears on the way home from school,she thought she was going, explaining that shes going in a few days to a 3 year old is hard work!!!

Will have to take a pic of her in her spanking new uniform in the morning,then I will race them to school,come home and enjoy the couple of hours silence...ooooh I can't bloody wait :-)

She insisted I took a photo of her new shoes when she got them last week and no I didn't have much change left out of £100, £6 to be exact, what a rip off for 3 pairs of flippin' shoes,heres hers...

Been doing a little bit more to my hexagon throw...

Started another ripple the other day,think its just going to sit on the back of the sofa for anyone who wants to snuggle into it when they're on the sofa :)
For anyone who's reading this and enjoys crocheting,I can't recommend those make of hooks enough,love 'em!!

Right I'm off


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